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About Our Pug Family

Katie: LC's Katy Did-Did is a true daddy's girl. She dotes on Dad, following him from room to room. Her coat is a light golden blond and her personality is loving, and vivacious.


Buckeye is the new guy in town, strutting his stuff from the Buckeye State. He is friendly warm and generous with his love, a welcomed addition to Lucky Charms bloodline.

Moonshine is a dainty pug! Small and petite, she is a sweet treat, full of goodness. As long as she is with the family, she is happy. She comes to our kennel all the way from Kentucky and has champion bloodline. Moonshine is an expressive talker.





PetuniaTweety the Twitter -Pug is a charming black female.  She likes being "on top of things". Her wrinkly face makes you think she is a lot older than she really is but being a pug, she doesn't really care about chin tucks or face lifts.











LC's Honolulu Mai Wei is our playful hula dancer. To her, sitting in Craig's lap is "the good life." She has a soft silver fawn coat with a dark black mask.





PopeyePopeye the Sailor Pug is our Big Daddy on campus.  His daddy is an AKC Champion show pug.  Popeye knows how to strut his stuff.  His personality is so cute.  He has his own toy box.  He loves to share his toys with all the family, but I am still working on teaching him how to put them away when he finishes playing with them.







Olive oyl LC's Cajun Insta-Gator -Son of Olive Oyl and Prince, Gator carries several of our favorite bloodlines. No dog anywhere is sweeter than Gator, our little black saint. 



Hobgob Okie– Okie Dokie of Lucky Charm is clever, petite and sweet. She is our baby doll from Oklahoma.







PokeyHobgoblin’s Hocus Pocus– A real teddy bear!  Pokie loves to curl up in our laps and watch TV.  Be wary, though, because she will demand you scratch and pet her in return for the honor of her attention!




My LC's Peanut Buttercup-Cake is soft and cuddly just like a soft toy- Cute as a button- sweet as icing - and champion sired!

Perly o' Girly


LC's Pumba Mugumba McPug. Pumba is the Son of our Ch. Bre-Z Manor's What about Rob. "Robbie". He never tires of playing and loves to crash on the couch, a regular Pumba-Potato!

Perly o' Girly


Tanglewood's Lilly Lee is Pumba's mother. Lilly is a lovely lass, always wanting to please, quiet, and lady-like.

Perly o' Girly


LC's Prince struts his stuff around the back yard. He has a lovely conformation and a masculine build earning him his name.

Perly o' Girly


We have spotlighted some of our best-known and requested pugs above, but our Pug family extends beyond the capacity of our web page. However, pictures are available by request. We are proud of all our Pugs and would love to show them to you by email.